Double Whammy Thoughts: Never Lose Hope

Leafs @ NYR
And I thought the Pittsburgh game was terrible. The Leafs somehow manage to outsuck themselves with an embarrassing 7-2 loss to the New York Rangers. Jeeze. The second period was all us, and yet, the Leafs completely fumble the third period, surrendering four unanswered goals.

The Good
- The aforementioned second period, where we outplayed the Rangers.
- Hagman-Grabovski-Kulemin clicked all night long.
- Luke Schenn look at least decent tonight. Better than his previous outings.

The Bad
- Usual slow starts. How ugly.
- More needless penalties. For the love of Gilmour, taking stupid penalties is not being truculent, goddamnit!
- Jason Blake. What the hell, man! Start playing better, I'm not giving you anymore free rides.
- Matt Stajan. What a terrible performance from this guy.
- Vesa Toskala. To quote coach Ron Wilson, "There were a couple of times we could have used a key save."

Movin' on to tonight's game against the rejuvinated Colorado Avalanche, it was no better than last night, as the Leafs lost it 4-1 to the Avs. Craig Anderson, you are for real.

The Good
- Tyler Bozak looked pretty good. Even registered his first NHL point.
- Viktor Stalberg looked great in his first game back.
- When he had to, Joey MacDonald made some good saves.
- The third period effort was good, unfortunately no goals.
- Ian White was great. Especially when he played goaltender on Colorado's first PP.

The Bad
- Mike Komisarek. Jesus. Enough with the stupid penalties. If it weren't for that one penalty that led to Darcy Tucker's goal in the second, we probably wouldn't have lost this game. Get your head in the game, son.
- Garnet Exelby. Why did we sign this guy anyway? We could've called up Jonas Frogren or even Carl Gunnarsson in place of Finger, but why does XLB keep getting chances?
- The penalty kill. It could've been better, especially in the second period. The defence need to give their goaltender some support instead of falling back.

To sum it all up, It's only 6 games. and I still have hope the Leafs will turn it around and play like we've hope them to play. 76 games is a long time for things to change for the better. So, relax Leaf Nation. It's not time to panic, contrary to what the MSM have been saying about this team. Besides, I'd rather start like this than start hot then fizzle midway through the season. So, I'm not losing faith in this team, and neither should you, Leaf Nation. We just need a to believe in a miracle to win. So, until next time, Go Leafs Go, and I'm going to leave you now with this quote:

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude."

--- Thomas Jefferson


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  2. I noticed you left out "The Ugly", is that just because we have to sit through these games while these "top 3" lines get their shit together?