Hope in The Absence of Light

"We've hit rock bottom"
-- Lee Stempniak on the Leafs' miserable start

0-6-1. 30th in the entire NHL. Dead last in goals allowed. Only one point in seven games. Ugly, ain't it?

It's been a crappy start for the Toronto Maple Leafs (correction: a fucking terrible start), and yet I still believe that it'll get better. Why?

It's because that no team can't lose every single game of one given season (unless you're the Detroit Lions.) Also, because it comes with the territory of being a Leaf fan. You stick by your team, goddamnit, no matter how good or horibbly shitty they get. And damnit, these are truly, horibbly shitty times. Our heroes are underperforming, deities have become mortal, and our "Monster" of a goalie still is hurt. It feels like the whole damn world is laughing at us, but it will get better, trust me. You just have to soldier on, no matter what.

In these times of supposed "panic", where is the hope? I'll tell you where the hope is, the hope is with fans like Almo89:

"DONT PANIC The ship will not sunk, our head are above the water, and we can still reach the Canadian Club. There is still hope, not the kind we can grab, but the kind we know is there waiting for us some call it destiny I call it being a Leafs fan. We just need to remember one thing the world will still be there tomorrow. We know this because deep down our hearts are filled and joined by single unifying force, something so powerful that together we are unstoppable: BELEAF and because of that we can never be truly defeated. GO LEAFS GO"

And I'll tell you, the "Truculence" that Brian Burke is trumpeting, it is not with the staged fights or hitting the other team till they hurt (or lack thereof...), it's with the true fans. The true fans of Leaf Nation that stick with their team through hell and back. The fans that do not abandon ship even in the Leafs' darkest hour. And goddamnit, these fans, they're the ones that show the real Truculence. For that, I salute you, the true fans.

So in this, the Leafs Nation's darkest hour, I can tell you this, or I'll let fellow PensionPlanPuppets.com member "Vent" sum it all up here:

"I’m doing the only thing one can do when things get this low:
Putting my head down, not looking back, and powering through the entire god-damned season if I have to. I’m a Leaf fan. It’s what I do.

They’re my team. I’m not giving up on them; not now, nor ever."

Amen, amigo. The light at the end of the tunnel is coming, Leaf Nation. Just hold on, it will get better, trust me. :D

"...When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world - 'No, you move.'"


  1. Kavel-
    I'll say it again- the opinions of people who don't care about the Leafs are irrelevant- so-called journalists included. They are akin to in-bred Chihuahua's nipping at the heels of a Rottweiler.

  2. KidK:

    Yeah, I know they're irrelevant. This is my salute to the fans that ignore their bullcrap. :D

  3. From a Caps fan~

    It's always scary sitting in 30th place. Trust me, I know. There's a lot of Caps fans springing up who love Ovechkin, love Varlamov, love Backstrom, and don't know what the fans who've been around forever had to go through to have a chance at those guys.

    I've been a Caps fan since I was 6. I moved to the DC area around then, and got into hockey immediately. With the exception of one run ('98) we've never had a team that was really good. Sure, in the 90s we were decent, but after that cup run, it was all downhill. None of us liked Jagr, but we picked him up. Then came the firesale. My favorite non goaltender (Peter Bondra) was shipped off for some schmuck named Tomas Fleischmann. It wasn't the first trade, and it wasn't the last. Slowly, every one of my childhood favorites was shipped off except Kolzig, and it was US-American Thanksgiving, 2007.

    The Capitals were in last place in the entire NHL. The next thing we knew, we had a new coach, and then our future Captain got traded. But the team turned around.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, all teams turn around. When Sutherby got traded (Funny looking back at it) I nearly threw in the towel. But I stuck by, and wham, the Capitals won a weak Southeast, thanks in part to trade deadline spectacular, a great coach, and Carolina blowing it.

    I think the Leafs have a good front office. Burke is one of the premier GMs in the game, in my opinion. Ron Wilson is who I would pick to coach my team any day. And they have some good young talent on the team.

    Don't give up. I'd rather you guys give the Bruins any other pick than #1, and I'll be pulling for you, because as long and dark as I've seen has been, you guys have had it worse.