The Importance of Sticking With Your Team

Leafs Nation, I am pissed. But not about what's happening on the ice (FIRST WIN, WHOO!), but off it. Take a look at this Toronto Sun poll:

Answer: Hell to the No.

Seriously, this poll is utter B.S., and it shows that some people are simply bandwagon fans. Of course, a 0-7-1 start (that was laid to rest last night) is not really a good way to get someone to cheer for us, but still, what the hell? And on that note, shame on you, Toronto Sun, for even daring to ask this question.

Honestly, I am not afraid to say I'm standing by the Leafs, no matter what their record is. This simply put, is just plain disgusting. When the Leafs start to kick ass, I'm ready to laugh my ass off towards the very same bandwagon jumpers who are calling it quits early on. However, I praise the Leaf fans who have stuck through thus far and continue to Beleaf in their team. I salute you.

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  1. 74% of those who responded are not Leafs fans :)