Leafs Game Day Preview - N.Y, Rangers @ Leafs

Tonight's Hockey Night in Canada matchup sees your Toronto Maple Leafs hosting the New York Rangers. The Leafs are currently in a 6 game losing streak, and have not won a game thus far in the season. One of the six losses came on Monday in New York, when the Rangers shellacked Toronto 7-2.

Matt Stajan and Niklas Hagman are expected to be back in the Leafs lineup after the two of them were healthy scratches in the Leafs' 4-1 loss to Colorado on Tuesday. Joey "Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo" MacDonald and James Reimer are expected to be the goalies in the lineup today, since Jonas "The Monster" Gustavsson and Vesa Toskala are still injured.

After this game, Toronto will have a full week bye as their next action will come next Saturday against the Vancouver Canucks.

Keys to Victory
- Stop Their Stars. New York's Marian Gaborik and Vaclav "Do Call Me Vinny" Prospal are on fire, notching 10 points thus far. The Leafs will have to find ways to stop their offensive production tonight.
- No Dumb Penalties. The recurring theme in the Leafs' 6 game losing streak seems to be taking stupid penalties. Toronto cannot afford to take these penalties, especially if they start building momentum. (Mike Komisarek, I'm -a looking at you.)
- Better All Around Effort. That means play hard all game long. The Leafs shouldn't just bring it to the Rags for one period then retreat for the next. A sustained, consistent effort is necessary if the Leafs desire a victory tonight.

My Prediction: 4-2 Leafs win their first game of the season.

I'll have the LPC and Post-Game Thoughts later tonight (if not, then tomorrow).

Your Pre-Game Inspirational Quote

" Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out."

Robert Collier

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