A Letter To Vancouver, The Canucks, And Their Fans (NSFW)

WARNING: May contain some NSFW Language.

With apologies to Jaredoflondon...

Dear Vancouverites,

I saw this today, and I have to shake my head:


And I have to say, your complete and utter obsession with Toronto and our beloved Maple Leafs is just astounding. (More like pathetic). So do us (and all of Canada for that matter) a favor and shut your fucking pie-holes (Mmmm....pie)! No one gives a crap about your hatred of Toronto, so just cut it out, you bastards. The Canucks are a great time, I'll admit. But you, their fans are nothing but a bunch of bitter assholes who just can't shut up about the goddamn Leafs. Case in point:


Vancouver fans get a chance to see Leafs suck

What the hell is that!? That's the reason why no one gives a fuck about the Canucks (besides Calgary, aka "Vancouver East"). You don't see us (or even the goddamn Habs and SNES fans) writing shit articles about you guys for no apparent reason. You guys are like that bully at school who acts all tough, but no one gives two fucking fucks about you (actually, one fucking fuck).

Again, do us all a favor and stop fucking bitching about the Leafs! Also, STFU. KTHXBye.

Kavel Pubina


  1. Amen. I can't fucking stand these Canuck fans and their psychotic obsession with the Leafs. They think they have the biggest fanbase in all of the NHL (they honestly fucking believe that!), but I haven't met anyone who's heard of anyone who is a Canucks fan. You're fucking bang on in this rant, but I'll bet any Vancouver fan reading this will get so upset that their fanbase was called out and demand the Leafs give up two first-round picks as compensation.

    - The Freeman

  2. may i just say that the vancouver media is to blame for all of this. seriously, the vancouver sun and the province are horrible at blowing things out of bounds (dare i mention the stanley cup parade route planning from last year?). they give us canucks fans a very bad reputation.

  3. That's right. I suppose they wouldn't have anything to care about playing a team managed by two of their own Ex-GMs. Of course the fans are yipping about Toronto, they do it about all their opponents.

  4. The Vancouver media is to blame, you are absolutely right, for stirring up all the hype about the Leafs coming to town, how they suck etc... But most Canucks fans don't even hate Toronto (at least however much you can hate a team you only play twice a year). It's all in good fun, probably due to the atmosphere of an all-Canadian matchup.

  5. Yes, the Vancouver Media is to blame for their B.S, but don't discount the Canucks fans. Go peruse through the comments pages of last night's game recaps on TSN.ca, and see how many have nothing of worth to say.