Post Game Report: Leafs 1, 'Nuckers 3

The Leafs lost yet again, this time a 3-1 setback to their imaginary Left Coast rivals, the Vancouver Canucks. 0-7-1, ladies and gentlemen.

The Good
- To be honest, the Leafs deserved this victory. Aside from the 6 straight penalties (more on that below...), they thoroughly outplayed the 'Nuckers, who got a "Hall-of-Fame" (if you ask Jim Hughson) performance from Roberto Luongo (LUUUUONGGGOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!).
- The penalty kill was alright. Granted they did allow two goals, but they were pretty much solid for tonight.
- Luke Schenn was frickin' aggressive tonight. Granted he did get clobbered by 'Nucks plugger Tanner Glass (GLAAAAAASSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!), he had a much more physical game tonight.
- Joey Joe Joe Shabadoo MacDonald was ace tonight. Those two goals he let in were not his fault, and he had 22 saves on 24 shots. Good effort from him.
- Garnet Exelby was half-way decent tonight. Please play like this more often, XLB.
- On that note, Mike Komisarek was great tonight, too. He did figure into a 'Nucks goal, but he was pretty much alright.

The Bad
- The goddamn stupid penalties. I know a few of them were dubious (Ian White's supposed high-stick on Mason "Olympic Diver" Raymond [RAYYYYMOOOOOOOONDD!!!!!!!!!!!] being one of them...), but srsly Leafs, stop with the stupid consecutive penalties. You can't win games if you keep taking shitty penalties.
- Truculence??? Where the hell is it? My blog has more truculence than them right now. Come on, Maple Leafs, start f---ing up the other team with big hits, damnit!
- Finishing their attack. The problem right now with the Leafs, is that they don't have good finishers on their team. Hopefully the arrival of Phil Kessel takes care of that problem.
- The Refereeing. And I thought the judging at last night's UFC 104 was bad. (Machida won when Shogun pwned him? Bullshit!) The refs totally missed a Canucks gloving the puck in the crease. That should've been a penalty shot.
- Once again the Leafs allow the first goal of the game. That shouldn't happen anymore.

All in all, a moral victory for the Leafs. They need to work their asses off for the full 60 minutes. Next game is Monday against the Anaheim Ducks. I'll have the Leaf Picture Comic on Tuesday, seeing as it's a late game. However, the next edition of the CCC will be up tomorrow. 'Til next time, Leaf Nation, stay truculent.

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