Some Truculent Thoughts About Last Night's Game

Ugh. Just frickin' ugh.

It's games like these that make a guy just want to get all RAAAGGGEEEEE!!!!!!! and stuff.

Long story short, the Leafs flat out stunk tonight against Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Crosb---erm---Penguins. They lost 5-2, to extend the losing streak to 4 games. Damn it all to hell.

The Bad News

- The penalty kill. More like the penalty fail. Pittsburgh's power play went 3-5 on our asses. It was as ugly as it sounds.
- Needless penalties. There's difference between truculence and being just plain stupid. Taking dumb penalties right after your team scores is just terrible.
- Jason Blake. Goddamnit, son, start playing like you did for the second half of the season last year. Jesus.
- Matt Stajan. Was that penalty after we scored really necessary!? And also, his overall game wasn't good.
- Vesa Toskala. Better than the past few starts, but not by much. Still stunk in net. Crosby scoring on him reminds me of that Gatorade commercial from awhile back. Hey Coach Wilson, maybe it's time to give Joey MacDonald some starts? He looked good in his pre-season starts...
- The scoring lines aren't scoring. They can't really be called "scoring lines" if they don't score. Seriously.

Overall, not much to like about this game. Phil Kessel, we await your arrival.

The TiE Video Link of the Day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sipnRgt3To

Pretty much sums it all up for me.


  1. Toska-LOL sucked again, he was beat multiple times high glove, and he's sitting soooo far back in his net. And what the heck is so truculent about this team?? staged fights? really? like come on guys, orr and rosehill should be going out and crushing the other team's stars through the boards, not getting thrown in the box for staged fights.....
    this is so frustrating...