50th Post Spectacular, Part Two: Top 10 Post-Lockout Leafs Moments

To celebrate 50 51 posts here on this humble blog we call Truculence is Everything, I've compiled some of my personal favorite 10 Leafs moments from the post-lockout era. Yeah, the Leafs haven't reached the playoffs yet, but damn it, the ride's been enjoyable as all hell.

10. The Schenn Shootout Goal - 9/29/08
Leafs fans got a glimpse of how awesome Luke Schenn was thanks to his nifty shootout goal from a preseason game against St. Louis. Watch as he backhands his way into our hearts...

9. Belak Kicks Cam Janssen's Ass - 3/20/07
The Leafs defeated the New Jersey Devils 2-1 that night, but the highlight was watching Wade Belak kick the crap out of Cam Janssen for his dirty-as-hell hit on Tomas Kaberle in an earlier Leafs/Devils game.

8. Gustavsson Saves - 10/26/09
Mired in a crappy season (that's still in progress), Jonas Gustavsson gives us Leafs fans something to cheer about with some great stops against Anaheim. Eventually, he helped the Leafs to their first win of the season.

7. Mark Bell Crushes Alfie - 4/03/08
It's always awesome to see a SNES player getting his bell (pun intended) rung. And seeing Bell just destroy Daniel Alfredsson like it was nothing is just great to see.

6.Leafs Sign Phil Kessel - 9/19/09
The Leafs pull the trigger and sign a hell of a sniper in Phil Kessel. The Leafs gave up two first rounders for the trade, but damnit, Kessel has been worth the trouble. He's an awesome "Hackee" player.

5. The Comeback Kids - 11/01/09
Down 2-0 to the New York Rangers, the Maple Leafs, led by John F---ing Mitchell, pour it on with 5 unanswered third period goals (including JFM's first two NHL goals) and stun the Rangers and Steve Valiquette with a comeback victory. Keep in mind, prior to this game, Valiquette had some success against the Leafs, which makes this victory that much sweeter.

4. Ron Wilson Verbally PWNS Howard Berger - 3/10/09
After calling for a stick measurement in hotly contested game between the Leafs & SNES, Coach Wilson gets a dumbass comment from Berger and, uh, I'll let the video speak for itself:

3. Mats Sundin Scores No. 500 - 11/29/08
No.13 sets a milestone in the only way he knows best, in a huge way. Already with two goals on the evening, Sundin let loose a slaphsot from the point at 1:50 of the overtime period to win it for the Leafs, and subsequently, his 500th career NHL goal.

2. Luke Schenn Destroys Malkin & Kennedy - 1/31/09
Good lord, was this ever a moment. Luke Schenn puts an exclamation point on Doug Gilmour Night with his two finest moments in his young NHL career. If people are a little down on Schenn right now this season, just show them this video and remind them of how awesome he can be...

1. Mats Sundin Returns to Toronto - 2/21/09
Truly an emotional moment for all Leaf fans, as former captain Mats Sundin made his return to Toronto, wearing the Blue & Green of the Vancouver Canucks. And, of course, in true Sundin fashion, he capped off his return by scoring the deciding goal in the shootout, giving his new team the win. It's only fitting that this takes number one, as it signified the end of an era for the Maple Leafs.


  1. AnnhilatORR killing Carkner didn't make this list? Say wha?

  2. Belak-Janssen could've been higher. Honourable mention to Grabbo flipping off the crowd in Montreal. That was pretty high on my list of highlights from last season.

    Excellent post.

  3. Would've liked to see Grabbo flipping off Montreal and Sundin's 6-point game but it's a nice selection.