Non-Leaf Chatter: How Hockey Salutes The Troops

Today is Remembrance Day (and Veterans day in the United States), a day in which we honour the brave contributions that those in service have made to the free world. The NHL is no stranger to saluting our fighting men and women, and here is a look at how they're doing their part.

Lets start off with the Montreal Canadiens (yes, yes, I know...), and TSN.ca brings us this report on the Habs contributions to the troops:
The Montreal Canadiens also paid tribute to Canada's soldiers on Tuesday and two of their best-known players - Carey Price and Mike Cammalleri - extended a special thank you with their own his personal initiatives In a program called 'Cammy's Heroes,' Cammalleri donated tickets to 21 Canadiens home games for Quebec soldiers and armed forces members.

"I really appreciate the men and women, and what they do for all of us" explained Cammalleri. "We can live the lives we do because of what they do for us."

Price will honour Canadian and NATO troops by planning to wear a special Remembrance Day mask this week, which he will later donate to a veterans-related charity.
For all the slagging and dissing that goes Cammalleri and Price's way, Their respective initiatives to support the troops are welcomed and saluted.

From that same TSN.ca article, the Ottawa Senators teamed up with Veterans Affairs Canada to pay homage to Canada's Veterans, which is highlited in this video:

The Boston Bruins's Mark Stuart has bought over $5k worth of tickets for American military personnel for tomorrow's Bruins home game against the Florida Panthers:
STU SUPPORTS TROOPS: In conjunction with Military Appreciation Night on November 12, Bruins defenseman Mark Stuart has purchased $5,000 worth of tickets to the Bruins/Panthers game on November 12 and will donate them to local servicemen and women and their families. Fans can follow Stuart’s lead and support the Bruins “Seats for Soldiers” program online - as well as get more information on Military Appreciation Night - at www.bostonbruins.com.
(glove tap to The Hockey Blog Adventure's Cornelius Hardenbergh for the tip)

Here at home, the Maple Leafs honoured Canada's Veterans last night with a stirring pre-game ceremony, which included a reading of "In Flanders Fields" by Maple Leafs legend and veteran soldier Johnny Bower. Also of note from the Leafs, is this:

Fan-favorite Leaf defenceman Luke Schenn has been doing the "Luke's Troops" promotion since last season. Discounting any of his supposed "sophomore slumps" or any such thing, the fact that a 19-year old (at the time of the inception of the program) would do this, is pretty impressive.

Lastly, let's end on probably the biggest supporter of our armed forces in all of hockey: Don Cherry. Viewers of Hockey Night in Canada are well-versed in Cherry's weekly segment "Coaches' Corner", and are probably aware of his weekly tributes to fallen Canadian military heroes. To end our look at the NHL's contribution to saluting the troops, I bring you his latest homage to our Canadian Forces:


  1. I am a leafs fan, who has lived with Habs fans, and thus despise them!

    That being said, I was deeply impressed with Camalieri's and Price's actions. Very respectful.

    I was particularly impressed by Camalieri because we are from the same neighbourhood and its nice to see he grew up with his head straight :)

  2. what a joke

    i laugh at the thought of people thinking "Schenns troops" is of lukes own initiative.

    the canadian military approached MLS&E and got the whole ball rolling, and who better then fan favorite luke schenn?

    all our young impressionable youth can relate to him, and if he likes to military, then mabye i should join it too!

    my favorite is that they are "Serving our country" or "Protecting our freedom"

    the canadian military has contributed absolutely ZERO to what canada is today, and saluting and thanking our troops for killing afghan's is absolute idiocy.

    especially when you concider we first went to afghanistan to get Osama and now we they pretend like we went to help the girls go to school.

    the situation is worse then before we went and we had set off a civil war throughout the entire region.

    Schenn is just a puppet of the military propaghanda machine and you sheeple who cheer the troops are everything that is wrong with this world

  3. and that washed up old bigot Don Cherry should retire already and stop calling our sons to war while his son is nice and comfortable at home making movies

    i dont remember Don Cherry fighting in the military for "Our Freedom"