Post Game Report: Bolts 2, Leafs 1

Cheaters, apparently, do prosper.

Credit: AP/Yahoo!

Leafs Nation, I am in complete and utter rage. The Leafs once again run into a Roberto Luongo-esque goalie (not that Antero Niitymaki is any good, but...) and get screwed over by the referees in a 2-1 overtime loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

But that tainted goal wasn't the only big story of the game. Phil Kessel made his long-awaited Leafs debut. Overall, I'd say he had a good night. Sure he didn't net one, but the scoring will come soon enough. However, Bolts defender (and Canucks reject) Mattias Ohlund took out Kessel with a hard (borderline dirty) hit during the first period. Fortunately, Kessel was a-okay and was a dangerous offensive threat all night, getting numerous scoring chances.

But back to the game-winning goal that has me all steamed. Ryan (Not good enough for Sidney Crosby) Malone clearly interfered with Leafs goaltender Jonas Gustavsson on the GWG. Malone friggin' pushed Gustavsson over. Seriously. He friggin' pushed the goaltender over with his goddamn stick. With that in mind, I have only one question: HOW IN THE HELL WAS THAT NOT GOALTENDER INTERFERENCE!? However, we wouldn't be in this predicament if Matt Stajan had covered his man. He was nowhere to be found on Malone's cheap-as-hell game winning goal. Get your frickin' game together, son. On another note, the Leafs need to finish on their offensive chances. Had the Leafs potted the many (and great) chances we had against Niitymaki, the rage that we are all feeling against the referees would've been replaced joy and adulation for the Blue & White.

Nation, I'll just end it here before I collapse in anger. Next game is Friday against the Carolina Hurricanes, then a Saturday night tilt with the fizzling Detroit Red Wings. Hopefully, the Leafs look past tonight's ugly end, and start to win games and finish their offensive attack.

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