Post Game Report: SNES 3, Leafs 2

A coward at work.

Credit: AP/Yahoo!

Angry Tuesdays
are back! It seems to me, that these Tuesday Leaf games bring another target of rage every single week. This week, it's that gutless scumhole Chris Neil of the Ottawa Senators. Leafs Nation, before we get to what's got me all riled up this week, here's a summary of the game. Mike Fisher scored two and Pascal Leclaire made 30 stops to help the SNES to a 3-2 win over our Leafs. Phil (The Thrill) Kessel and Niklas Hagman replied for the good guys.

And now, what's got me all pissed off and such tonight: Chris Neil. The so-called Senators "tough-guy" took it upon himself to blindside Luke Schenn with a hit. Then after that, he gave Schenn a crosscheck to the noggin, when he was prone. All of this, coming when Colton Orr was in the box after throughly kicking the ass of SNES plugger Matt Carkner. The gall and cowardice of Neil to check an opponent when they're down, is just downright classless. Then again, I'm not surprised that Neil would resort to such dirty tactics. As far as I'm concerned, Chris Neil is a f---ing pussy. Plain and simple.

Movin' on, the reason the Leafs lost tonight: They didn't capitalize on some juicy rebounds that Leclaire left. They also didn't go to the net as much as they needed to. They also once again made the opposing teams goalie look better than they actually are. That is simply not acceptable.

All in all, A pretty physical game that didn't end in the Leafs favor. Next action for Toronto is Thursday when they face the Carolina Hurricanes.


  1. Not only did he make a dirty hit on Schenn, but he followed it up with a dirty hit on Stemps.

  2. Are you suggesting he should let up (a CLEAN hit) because it is your precious Luke Schenn? Give it up! It was a clean hit, it is what Chris Neil is paid to do.

    PS. Schenn challenged Neil to a fight, should he have declined because Luke is a dumbass? Take off the blinders.

  3. Chris Neil Blows goats. I have proof.

  4. Cameron hilariously omits the cross check Neil gave Schenn after the hit, which is the issue Leafs fans take with Neil.

    Take off the blinders.

  5. That's true. FiftyMissionCap. He also forgot to mention Neil's little run at Stempniak, which ultimately caused Schenn to fight Mr. "Tough Guy".