Post Game Report: Wild 5, Leafs 2


Credit: Getty Images/Yahoo!

Leafs Nation. I'll keep this short and sweet without exploding with rage (Exploding in 3, 2.....). The Minnesota North Stars Wild, led by Mikku "Not Saku" Koivu's 3-point night beat our beloved Maple Leafs 5-2 (with empty net goal scored by Owen "He's Still Here?" Nolan). A flat (Flat as a pancake?) game from the good guys and the North Stars Wild made the Leafs pay for their flat game. More bad news for the Leafs is that Mike Komisarek left the game early on in the first after an undisclosed lower injury (which might stem back to Saturday's game against the Red Wings) To sum it all up, a terrible effort from the Leafs, they need to rectify it and start winning at home.


  1. Winning at home? They need to win everywhere!

  2. @Chris

    Considering the Leafs' 0-4 home record on Tuesday games, and their general struggles at home (only won one home game this season), I'd say winning at home is very important, but you're right on winning everywhere, no matter the venue.