A Teaser of Things to Come...

- sitting at the theatre, Mitchell, Stajan, & Schenn discuss the new Twilight film, New Moon -

Mitchell: Is it just me, or does Edward guy seem a bit too much of a pussy to be a vampire?
Schenn: You f—-ing said it, Johnny!
Mitchell: Luke, I do the f—-ing swearing here, so shut it.

Patron: Quiet!
Patron #2: Yeah, shut up there!

Stajan: Schenner, Mitch, you guys oughta shut up, people are….
Schenn: Oh come on, I could take all of them on in my sleep.
Mitchell: Hush down there, Schenny-boy, you think you're tough?
Schenn: Oh hell yeah.
Stajan: *facepalms* Oh, brother.

What circumstances has brought our Maple Leaf heroes to the movies? What hijinx will the three of them get into? Find out, in three (or four!) short days!

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  1. Damnit... I was gonna do something similar with the Devils... Expect something funny