What The Hell Is Going On With Luke Schenn?

We never thought we'd see this happen, Leaf Nation.
Credit: Ottawa Citzen

Leafs Nation, I am baffled. If there's one player whose struggles pretty much epitomizes the Leafs' current predicament, it's last season's golden boy, Luke Schenn. (Editor's Note: Man, is it just me, or have I been talking about him a lot lately? Just a thought.) I don't know if it's an issue of confidence or as ex-Leaf Gary Roberts put it, "poor training regiment", but something is up. On Tuesday against Ottawa, Schenn was benched for (almost) the entirety of the third, though he did figure into Ottawa's game-winner that night. In last night's debacle of a game against Carolina, Schenn posted a 9:26 total of ice time, and only had 5 shifts. He then got thrown into a crucial PK that failed, and might I add, he was "cold", due to his miniscule ice time?

So, what's the solution to this supposed "crisis"? Should we send Schenn down to the Marlies? Is a night or two in the press box necessary? By sending him down to the Marlies, he could dominate at the AHL level and develop his game. Then again, it might have unknown effects. Press box time, in my opinion, is the best way to go. However, Wilson/Burke need not treat Schenn's potential healthy scratching not as a punishment, but as a time to reflect on what he's doing wrong, and help him fire up his game.

Look, I'll still be a fan of Schenn no matter what happens next, but in order to for him to get better, he needs to spend some time in the press box. I know that the media and the blowhards will be spinning this to no end, but it's time to do something drastic in order to bring back the Luke Schenn of last season. Maybe a press box visit is this drastic measure. All I'm saying, is that underplaying Schenn then throwing him into the fire for a PK, then sitting him again ain't gonna help.

What say you, Leafs Nation? Post comments and suggestions on what to do with Schenn below.

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