Merry Christmas

From everyone here (well, just me) at Truculence is Everything, Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate). Enjoy it with your loved ones.


Random Thoughts

I apologize for the lack of updates around these parts. Things have popped up that have prevented me from updating this blog. With that said, I've got random thoughts:

- I do not understand what some people have against Luke Schenn. After last Thursday's loss to Boston, the doubts returned and the "Schenn to the AHL" "Trade Schenn" talk returned. Yes, he got a well deserved benching (3 games to be exact), and I feel he'll be fine. So let's not overreact about Luke Schenn and let the kid do what he does best: play some damn good defensive hockey.

- Leaf Haters. I don't get them. I don't understand why they take solace in going on Leaf articles and clogging up the comments with their little nursery rhymes of "Laffs" and "Leafs Suck" and "Plan the Parade". I don't understand why the hell they even bother doing this crap. I dislike the Habs and SNES, but I don't (or any Leaf fans that I know) go on their articles and write stupid comments about their team. Maybe they choose to spout their bullcrap because they know deep down, they love the Leafs. Also, these "Haters" simply want to fulfill their rather meaningless lives posting their pathetic drivel about the Leafs.

- Phil Kessel is awesome. That is all.

- Tough next two games against two teams we just can't seem to beat: the fackin' Buffalo Sabres and those goddamn Boston Bruins. Hopefully we kick their asses this weekend.

- Oh, forgot about Nazem Kadri making it to Team Canada for the 2010 World Juniors. MapleLeafs.com launched the "Naz Tracker", a stat tracker for our favorite Lebanese Maple Leaf. It's a bit overblown, but I'm not complaining. Anyways,s best of luck to Nazem at the World Juniors, let's hope he tears it up for Canada as they search for their sixth straight Gold medal.


Leaf of The Decade

You may have noticed a poll on the right side of the blog page, "Leaf of the Decade". I've been meaning to explain it all but I haven't had the time to, until now, that is. (Exams are hard)

It's been a hell of a decade for the Maple Leafs. From the highs, and the lows, it's been quite the ride. So I've decided to compile a poll to determine who is the "Leaf of the Decade". You have until January 1st 2010, midnight, to vote. With that in mind, here are your candidates:

Mats Sundin
What else can be said about one of the greatest Leaf captains of all time. Although the allure of Stanley has eluded Sundin, he's accomplished quite a bit in this decade, including 500 goals, and becoming the all time leading scorer for the Leafs.

Tomas Kaberle
The new millennium brought forth some great moments for Tomas Kaberle, and he continues to be one of the all-time great defensemen in Leaf history.

Darcy Tucker
Although he ain't wearing the Blue & White, you can't forget about the man who brought truculence to the Leafs night in & night out before we even heard that very word uttered. Who can forget Tucker jumping at the SNES bench and taking them all on? Or that time he crushed a New Jersey player in the '01 playoffs?

Gary Roberts
No. 7 for the Leafs played with heart in every shift during his tenure in Toronto, and it was his style of play that endeared him with Leaf fans.

Pavel Kubina
For the time he spent here in Toronto, Kubina was a decent defenseman, and could be counted on to score in clutch situations.

Luke Schenn
Yes, some of you may say it's too early for young Luke here to be even considered to be "Leaf of the Decade", but you cannot deny the immediate impact OLAS has made in the span of a season and a half with the Leafs. From destroying Malkin to opening up various cans of whoop-ass, No. 2 has become a fan favorite here for Leafs RAUP.

Jonas Gustavsson
The Monster is sure to make an impact as the years pass, but isn't it great to get some honest-to-goodness goaltending after so long? (No, Vesa Toskala doesn't count)

Ed Belfour
And speaking of goaltending, Eddie the Eagle's short run in Toronto, he was amazing (save for that post-lockout season), and could be considered the last of the great Leaf goaltenders of this decade.

Curtis Joseph
Cujo was the definite goaltender for the Leafs in this decade, and helped buoyed Toronto to healthy playoff runs in his prime. He returned to Toronto in 2008-09, and was decent, but he could not recreate the magic he once had with the Leafs.

It's your pick? A favorite Leaf has been "left off the ballot"? Pick Other! And don't forget to comment below and tell us who you voted for under "Other.

So those are your choices, Leafs RAUP. You have until January 1st @ Midnight to cast your votes. So make 'em count.



Welcome to Paradise, Philippe Paradis

As the sun sets on NSFW Jiri Tlusty (who will warn readers of NSFW content now!?), Leafs RAUP says hello to the new kid on the block, Philippe Paradis, and Mr. Paradis has some greetings for us Leafs fans, too.

Credit: Life.com/ROFLBot



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