Random Thoughts

I apologize for the lack of updates around these parts. Things have popped up that have prevented me from updating this blog. With that said, I've got random thoughts:

- I do not understand what some people have against Luke Schenn. After last Thursday's loss to Boston, the doubts returned and the "Schenn to the AHL" "Trade Schenn" talk returned. Yes, he got a well deserved benching (3 games to be exact), and I feel he'll be fine. So let's not overreact about Luke Schenn and let the kid do what he does best: play some damn good defensive hockey.

- Leaf Haters. I don't get them. I don't understand why they take solace in going on Leaf articles and clogging up the comments with their little nursery rhymes of "Laffs" and "Leafs Suck" and "Plan the Parade". I don't understand why the hell they even bother doing this crap. I dislike the Habs and SNES, but I don't (or any Leaf fans that I know) go on their articles and write stupid comments about their team. Maybe they choose to spout their bullcrap because they know deep down, they love the Leafs. Also, these "Haters" simply want to fulfill their rather meaningless lives posting their pathetic drivel about the Leafs.

- Phil Kessel is awesome. That is all.

- Tough next two games against two teams we just can't seem to beat: the fackin' Buffalo Sabres and those goddamn Boston Bruins. Hopefully we kick their asses this weekend.

- Oh, forgot about Nazem Kadri making it to Team Canada for the 2010 World Juniors. MapleLeafs.com launched the "Naz Tracker", a stat tracker for our favorite Lebanese Maple Leaf. It's a bit overblown, but I'm not complaining. Anyways,s best of luck to Nazem at the World Juniors, let's hope he tears it up for Canada as they search for their sixth straight Gold medal.


  1. Schenn is back. An unlucky kid wearing a slugs jersey is gonna get erased.

    Leafs haters are retarded. A stupid Habs fan I know became a SNES fan because he hates the Leafs as much as them.

    Kesselmania is running wild!

    Habs and SNES aren't goin anywhere in the standings. Thank the New Jersey Devils (and Minnesota Wild)

  2. You're kidding right? Every News site that allows comments is filled with Anti-Habs comments, especially by Leafs Fans, I read the sports news all over the place, TSN, CBC, Faceoff.com and plenty of Anti-Montreal comments come from the Leafs Fans, it's an ugly war of escalation that is pointless about who can insult the other's team.

  3. @Anon

    That's why I frown upon the stupid "Hater" business. What will posting pathetically useless crap on an article about a team you hate accomplish?