Leafs Picture Comics #30: A Crazy Return

After a long hiatus, Leafs Picture Comics are back!

Paybacks are quite the bitch, eh, Philly?


A Perfect World

In a perfect world, any notions of the Leafs being a horrible team would be non-existant. We'd be a damn good team and in playoff contention. Fans would lay in confidence on Leaf staff and applaud them. Young fans wouldn't have to rely on video games for relief in times of dire despair for their heroes.

If life were fair, then Luke Schenn would be the captain of the future for the Maple Leafs. He wouldn't be hampered by a sophomore slump and have almost half of Leaf Nation turn on him. The dream rookie season would've been replicated to exact detail, and a young Prairie boy's realizations of NHL fame would be made true.

If life were fair, Phil Kessel would've been a scoring machine for Toronto. No slump would've put a stop to his scoring assault on the NHL, and all the critics would've been silenced, and a team's draft day hopes would've been crushed.

If life were fair, then Ron Wilson would've been saluteed as a genius. His coaching prowess would've helped the penalty kill and power play succeed tremendously. Rather, he's become the lynchpin of an entire fanbase, the supposed cause of the Leafs' current perilous predicament.

And, if life were truly fair, then the dreams of Lord Stanley's Mug would be well within the grasp of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Their chance to end a 42-year long drought would've been right now, and a chance to bring hope back to a beleaguered city would be welcomed.

However, life doesn't always bow to a utopia. And with the clock quickly ticking, will there be any hope left for the Leafs? Will playoffs become an afterthought? Will the Bruins' draft picks end up as gems or busts? Is the hope gone?